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SAP Commerce Cloud Partner.

E-Turia is a leading SAP partner specializing in SAP Commerce Cloud solutions. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping businesses transform their e-commerce and digital customer experiences. With a proven track record in delivering comprehensive, industry-specific solutions, E-Turia is the go-to choice for organizations leveraging the power of SAP hybris/ SAP Commerce Cloud.

In this article, we’ll explore what SAP Commerce Cloud is, why you should choose E-Turia as your SAP partner for your project, and the benefits you can expect from our solutions. You can also look at E-Turia’s SAP profile on the Official SAP Partners page.

Eturia SAP Partner for SAP Commerce Cloud

Why SAP hybris Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly known as SAP hybris) is a powerful, flexible e-commerce platform designed to provide businesses with the tools they need to create seamless, engaging, and personalized customer experiences across multiple channels.

With the right leveraging, SAP Commerce Cloud enables companies to streamline their business processes, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth. SAP’s e-commerce platform is reliable, scalable, and performant, ensuring customer satisfaction and increasing sales. To get the most out of your commerce platform, customizations and personalizations need to be reliable and perfectly integrated into SAP Commerce, and that’s where E-Turia comes into play.

Why Choose E-Turia as Your SAP Partner?

E-Turia SAP partner banner Customer Experience

There are several reasons why E-Turia stands out as the ideal Customer Experience partner for your SAP Commerce Cloud journey:

Comprehensive Solutions

At E-Turia, we offer end-to-end SAP Commerce Cloud solutions that cover everything from strategy and implementation to ongoing support and maintenance. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your unique business needs and tailor a solution that aligns with your goals and objectives.

Expertise Backed by SAP

Our team of SAP consultants and developers brings many years of experience implementing and managing SAP Commerce Cloud projects for businesses of all sizes and industries. This wealth of knowledge and expertise navigating the complexities of SAP Commerce to deliver efficient implementations led us to be a top hybris implementation partner recognized by SAP.

Proven Track Record

The E-Turia team has had a long history of successful SAP Commerce Cloud implementations for over ten years, when hybris was acquired by SAP. Our portfolio includes over 30 satisfied clients who have experienced significant improvements in their e-commerce operations and customer experience thanks to our tailored solutions. Some of our success cases can be found on our website.

Industry-Specific Solutions

We understand that each industry has unique requirements and challenges. E-Turia offers industry-specific SAP Commerce Cloud solutions, ensuring that our clients receive a tailored approach that addresses their specific needs and helps them stay ahead of the competition.

Our Approach to SAP Commerce Implementations

As an SAP Commerce Partner, E-Turia’s implementation process is designed to provide customers with a smooth, efficient experience. We follow a structured but customer-adaptable approach to certify a correct development on the platform that includes the following:

Assessment and Strategy

Our team begins by thoroughly assessing your current e-commerce operations and identifying areas for improvement or defining the requirements for a new greenfield SAP Commerce implementation. We then develop a strategic roadmap for your SAP platform implementation, ensuring it aligns with your business objectives and deadlines. As strategic SAP hybris Implementation Partners, we will guide your project to be successful and start generating more business for you.

hybris Development and Customization

We follow an agile approach to provide the best quality of the project, a tailored SCRUM methodology for your project. Once the strategy is in place, our developers can customize your SAP Commerce Cloud platform to meet your unique needs. This includes configuring the platform, creating custom extensions, and developing bespoke functionalities to seamlessly fit your existing systems, processes, and needs.

Integration with Other Systems

E-Turia ensures that your SAP Commerce Cloud solution fully integrates with your existing systems, such as the ERP, CRM, Payment Providers, Emarsys, SCPI, an external PIM, or any other third-party tools. This lets you streamline your business processes for a seamless data flow between systems, ultimately improving operational efficiency.

Training and Support

We don’t just implement your SAP Commerce Cloud solution and leave you to figure it out yourself. As SAP Commerce Partners, E-Turia provides comprehensive training for your team, guaranteeing they have the skills and knowledge to manage your e-commerce platform effectively. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your solution runs smoothly.

Key Benefits of E-Turia’s SAP Commerce Cloud Solutions

Our clients can expect a range of benefits from partnering with E-Turia for their SAP Commerce Cloud needs:

Streamlined Business Processes

By integrating your e-commerce platform with your existing systems and automating key processes, our SAP Commerce Cloud solutions help you improve operational efficiency, reduce manual tasks, and save time and money.

Enhanced Customer Experience

SAP Commerce Cloud enables you to deliver a personalized, seamless customer experience across multiple channels. E-Turia’s omnichannel expertise ensures your platform is optimized to engage customers effectively, driving loyalty and repeat business.

Improved Business Agility

Our SAP Commerce Cloud solutions provide the flexibility and scalability you need to respond to changing market conditions and customer demands. With E-Turia’s support, you can quickly adapt your e-commerce strategy to stay ahead of the competition.

SAP Commerce Partners

E-Turia is your ideal SAP hybris partner for implementing and managing SAP Commerce Cloud solutions. Our comprehensive, industry-specific offerings, expertise, and proven track record make us the perfect choice for businesses looking to transform their e-commerce operations and enhance customer experiences.

You can expect streamlined processes, improved customer satisfaction, and increased business agility by engaging with E-Turia.

Eturia SAP partner for sap hybris

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    Is E-Turia a SAP hybris Partner?2024-06-14T17:02:10+02:00

    Yes. E-Turia is an SAP partner specializing in its commerce platform, originally named SAP hybris. Our team has wide experience in the platform since the early versions when it was acquired by SAP, dating back to SAP hybris 5.2 in 2014.

    What kind of ongoing support does E-Turia provide after implementation?2023-04-07T09:45:27+02:00

    E-Turia offers ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your SAP Commerce Cloud solution continues to run smoothly and effectively. This includes regular platform updates, troubleshooting, performance monitoring, and any necessary enhancements to keep your e-commerce operations optimized.

    Do I need to have any existing SAP solutions in place to work with E-Turia?2023-04-07T09:45:27+02:00

    No, you don’t need to have any existing SAP solutions in place to work with E-Turia. Our team is experienced in working with clients at various stages of their digital transformation journey, whether they just got their license and are just starting or looking to enhance their existing SAP environment.

    What is the cost of an SAP Commerce Cloud implementation?2023-04-07T09:45:28+02:00

    The project cost of an SAP Commerce Cloud implementation will depend on several factors, including the project scope, the level of customization required, and any additional services you may need. We will work with you to develop a transparent, competitive pricing structure that meets your budgetary needs.

    How long does it take to implement an SAP Commerce Cloud solution with E-Turia?2023-04-07T09:45:28+02:00

    The timeline for implementing an SAP Commerce Cloud solution can vary depending on the complexity of your project and your specific requirements. Our team will work with you to develop a realistic timeline that aligns with your business goals and objectives. Projects with low complexity can take as little as 3 months.

    What industries does E-Turia serve?2023-04-07T09:45:28+02:00

    E-Turia serves a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and more. Our industry-specific SAP Commerce Cloud solutions ensure clients receive a tailored approach that addresses their unique needs and challenges.