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Unleash the full potential of your SAP Hybris solution with E-Turia.

SAP Commerce Cloud is an extremely powerful framework that can take your business’s digital commerce to the next level. The platform has plenty of great features to give your customers an engaging experience.

Despite all the standard components providing a wide range of services, you might be missing out on some of its great potential. From E-Turia, we can help you maximize the power of your B2C and B2B commerce solution with our team of highly skilled SAP Commerce professionals.

SAP Commerce Cloud solutions.

Our team of Commerce specialists from E-Turia has been helping customers implement SAP Commerce solutions nonstop since 2014.

With vast experience leading commerce projects, both as the only implementation partner as well as with other partners or customer resources to be trained, E-Turia has worked in many industries: Automotive sector, Consumer staples, Consumer Discretionary, Energy and Oil, Fashion and Jewellery, Technology or Healthcare.

Many top-tier customers have trusted our team to get the most out of their SAP Commerce Cloud platform. E-Turia has participated in projects at all stages, although we specialize in end-to-end projects. We also have extensive know-how in post-go-live support, acting as a reinforcement partner for started projects, or working on new rollouts and functionalities for already existing projects.

E-Turia Customers

The E-Turia team members have successfully obtained the official SAP Certifications to ensure the highest quality of our project deliveries. Our workforce includes SAP Certified Development Commerce Professionals for Commerce Cloud Developers, Certified Product Support Specialists, or the SAP Commerce Cloud Business User for Business Analysts.

If you want to start the implementation of a new SAP Commerce Cloud solution, contact us to be your strategic partner and you won’t regret it.

E-Commerce Consulting Services

ETuria Consulting

If you happen to have your development team, E-Turia can also provide Hybris consulting services to ensure the best practices are applied to your project. We have wide experience in SAP Commerce Architecture design and managing the technical side of the project, from more functional roles like the SCRUM master to full technical profiles like the development leads in charge of reviewing code.

We have delivered multiple projects enhancing and leveraging the SAP Commerce platform to meet our customer needs. As we have seen so many projects and sectors, we can assess ongoing projects from a technical perspective regarding code quality, development best practices being met, or system architecture.

At E-Turia we enjoy challenges. One type of project we particularly like is the one where multiple refactors are needed to apply clean code strategies, best practices, and performance improvements to ensure smooth executions. After many years of experience, we have seen a lot of dos and don’ts for SAP Hybris projects.

Customer Experience in mind

An e-commerce platform is all about converting. Make your customers happy and want to stay at your website or platform, provide them with what they want, and reach an immersive shopping experience. This is all about Customer Experience, one of the key points of any project willing to sell online by using customer data intelligently.

Our solutions are customer-centered, providing the best possible CX as well as the shopping experience. CX is something to consider from the first steps of the project when doing the data modeling, all the way to the UX and responsive designs. We make your customers at home.

E-Turia Customer Experience

Agile Methodologies


Having the necessary technical skills is critical, but you then need the right tools and processes to maximize the skills. And that’s where the agile methodology and SCRUM come into play.

By applying the SCRUM methodology, you as a customer would always be able to ensure the platform is evolving in the right direction, making sure no precious effort is wasted. From E-Turia, we will help you define objectives, suggest improvements, and ensure the best pace long term for your project. We will guide you where needed for an optimal way of working in this new and exciting digital transformation journey.

From E-Turia we also offer Support Services that can be adapted to each customer’s needs. Ensure your platform is always up and running with our 24/7 support. We know the huge economical impact caused by a system not functioning properly, so we are here to help.

SAP Commerce Developers.

For more mature projects where there is no need for a complete development team, from E-Turia we can help provide different profiles to help with your software development project. Our developers have a strong Java background which greatly helps when grasping the in and outs of SAP Commerce Cloud. If you require some Commerce profiles, feel free to contact us. The main resources involved in a project are:

  • Backend SAP Commerce Developers. These Java Developers will build the necessary pieces of code and logic which will make the system act as desired.
  • Frontend SAP Commerce Developers. Their focus is more on the visuals of the platform, responsible for making it nice and neat, with or without Spartacus.
  • Full Stack developers. Generally, they don’t specialize as much as frontend or backend developers but they know enough of each world to act as a Swiss knife commerce developer.
  • SAP Commerce Support Specialists. It’s not all about the code! Support specialists will ensure the platform runs smoothly with the best configurations in each case.
  • SAP Commerce Architects. The ultimate responsible person on the technical side. With a high-level view, the architect will lead the development area.
  • SAP Commerce Business Analysts. The functional person who knows the platform inside out and helps with the customer requirements.
  • QA Engineers. In need of testing for an SAP Commerce project? Our Quality Assurance will ensure all cases are covered both manually and with test automation services.
  • DevOps. The person taking care of the infrastructure part of the project. Deployments, CI systems, servers, CDNs, and so on.

Outsource your SAP Commerce Development to E-Turia

hybris Commerce Outsourcing

We will adapt to your processes and be part of your team. Our experienced developers are available to help in any commerce project in need. We can help you implement your system’s features with the highest quality standards.

Senior developers or team leads who can help you organize and structure your project will help you reach your deadlines and goals. Our Software Engineers are quality assured thanks to their hands-on experience and SAP Commerce Cloud Developer certifications.

Please feel free to contact us below if you need a hand. We look forward to collaborating with your project, delivering top quality for the best results.

Development Expertise.

At E-Turia we provide SAP Hybris Extension Development Services. We assess carefully each project status to take the right path. Focused on scalability and performance, through modular and reusable code, many top-tier worldwide customers have already trusted us for good reasons.

We only work with top Software Developers with strong Java backgrounds and extensive project deliveries customizing a broad range of SAP Commerce functionalities.

Here is a list of some specialties that we have helped our customers with.

New implementations

Applying best practices since the beginning of a Commerce implementation project is a must. This will determine the degree of success of your platform. If your foundation is not well established, it could be overcome, but that comes with a cost of time and resources.

Our architects will guide you on the solution design to ensure a smooth development through all phases of the project, always with the KPIs in mind. Our team of SAP Commerce Experts from E-Turia has a broad experience starting up projects, not only B2C and B2B but also plenty of omnichannel success stories.

Depending on the particularities and size, we will start your new implementation from scratch or by leveraging the already existing commerce accelerators to empower your solution. We are specialists in greenfield SAP eCommerce projects.

SAP New Implementation

Migration hybris to cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud

Cloud infrastructure from SAP offers some benefits when hosting a commerce solution. It takes care of the environment while allowing you to focus on the important: your solution.

Through the years, SAP Commerce started as an on-premise solution, moving to a proprietary infrastructure from SAP called CCv1. Afterward, SAP moved to the current cloud version CCv2, which is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud and uses more standard technologies like Kubernetes for scaling deployment and automation.

Migrating SAP Commerce from on-premise to the cloud or from CCv1 to CCv2 often requires some code changes and adaptations. These adjustments will vary depending on the version of commerce, and on certain occasions, a sap hybris upgrade might be strongly recommended before migrating to the cloud.

If you are facing the challenge of migrating your SAP Commerce platform to the cloud, the E-Turia team is ready to help you ensure your solution passes SAP’s Cloud Readiness Checks (CRC) to guarantee a smooth transition to the cloud.

SAP Commerce Upgrade

SAP includes complementary Commerce versions for customers with valid licenses. This means your platform will never become outdated and will always have the latest functionality and security releases. However, upgrading your SAP Commerce solution can sometimes be a headache.

When upgrading the hybris commerce version, it needs to be ensured that all custom code is compatible with the new release, which can vary greatly depending on each case and the project’s complexity. To perform an upgrade correctly, the official release notes must be thoroughly checked to ensure compatibility with the custom code in all scenarios.

At E-Turia, we’ve successfully executed numerous SAP Commerce upgrade projects, ranging from older versions like SAP hybris 5.0 to the latest upgrades like SAP Commerce Cloud 2211. If you’re considering an upgrade, our expertise and experience make us the ideal partner to guide you. Please get in touch with us and share your project details; we’re here to help you.

SAP Migration


SAP Commerce Integrations

Our hybris experts are specialized in systems integration. We have ample experience connecting to different systems, both industry standard as well as bespoke. SAP Commerce comes with Out of the Box connectors to a wide range of SAP applications such as S4/HANA, CRM, ERP, SAP Marketing, or SAP Sales Cloud.

With many project deliveries for enterprises with a diverse technology stack for integrations, we have experience connecting via several paths to external systems. From SAP’s DataHub platform to specific file-based systems like commerce’s hot folder or raw connections using protocols like REST, SOAP, or OData, we have abundant experience in this area.

E-Turia also counts with plenty of ready-to-use commerce extensions or modules to connect to multiple 3rd party payment gateways, PayPal, CIAM, or enhanced versions to connect efficiently to tools like SAP Marketing.

Commerce Features Enhancement

The E-Turia team has worked for many years on an infinite number of enhancements for SAP Commerce over different versions, projects, and industries. It will be impossible to list them all, so here is a list of some features that the team has worked on.

SAP Commerce Customizable
  • CMS Components creation and configurable extensions

  • Backoffice and Product Cockpit enrichments
  • Products and workflows personalization

  • Apache Solr customizations to handle massive amounts of data

  • Checkout and Payment Gateway integrations

  • CIAM & OTP integration

  • Leveraging Assisted Service Module for Customer Service teams
  • Enhanced pricing structures for products, variants and subscriptions

  • Order management connections with cancellations, returns or replacements
  • SAP Commerce’s Promotion engine improvements
  • Multisite catalog definition and management

  • Loyalty programs implementation

  • Smart Edit content management customizations

  • Supplier cockpit module for vendors

  • Technical SEO package with improvements such as WebP images autoconversion

  • Adaptive search tunning by relevance to increase sales conversions

  • Flexible Search and performance improvements

  • Omnichannel Commerce web service creation

Why Us?

Our vast experience has taught us the best practices over the years for both on-sites as well as remote projects. We are a small team ready to flexibly offer the best possible solution for your company. We choose quality over quantity to find the most intelligent solution, and so should you. Get a platform custom designed for your needs.

E-Turia has a long list of successful projects, from journeys with customers starting from scratch to corrections of bumpy projects received in bad shape. All projects have a solution. We use technology to help businesses.


E-Turia Industries

Our solutions have been created for businesses of various shapes and sizes, from small start-ups to major global retailers and consumer brands, regional public agencies, and midsize private companies. We have been adapting SAP’s e-commerce solution to multiple business models, not only B2C and B2B but also B2B2, or so-called marketplaces, and even in-store solutions.

The E-Turia Center of Expertise has worked in many industries, with exposure to private and public sectors. At a high-level sector level, our team has excellent knowledge in the Healthcare, Materials, Consumer Staples, Consumer Discretionary, Energy, Industrials, and Technology sectors and exposure to other industries like Communication Services or Utilities.

With regards to specific areas, we accumulate wide experience in multiple industries, some of which being:

  • Construction materials, paper, wood, and Glass

  • Food, Beverages, Tobacco, and household goods
  • Consumer cyclical like retail, fashion, watches, perfumes, and other luxury goods.
  • Energy resources and oil


From E-Turia we make use of the best available tools and methodologies to provide supreme code quality along with the best processes for efficient development.

Amongst the technologies used within the SAP Commerce projects, we can highlight the following:

  • Java & Spring: Profiles, MVC, Security, Dependency injection, Core and Web Application Contexts, etc.
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Angular, Vue.js, Node.js, SAP Spartacus

  • REST, SOAP, OData, Sap Platform Integration, Hot Folders, DataHub

  • Security Assertion Markup Language, Oauth, LDAP

  • Apache Solr, Adaptive Search, and Elastic Search

  • Flexible Search, SAP HANA, MySQL, Oracle Database, Amazon Aurora, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, HSQLBD


Our development team also uses a set of tools to ensure code quality and best practices. Using git for the code repository allows for a CI server like Jenkins or Bamboo to be easily connected. Tools like PMD, SonarQube, Checkstyle, and Findbugs minimize the potential issues. On the testing side, tools like JUnit, Selenium, jMeter, and SoapUI will cut down potential bugs.

In the deployments and infrastructure area, our team is experienced in both On-Premise as well as Cloud environments. We have used Commerce’s Tomcat in SAP Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or AWS along with external monitoring tools like Kibana, Grafana, or Splunk to name a few.

Lastly, on the Project Management side, we organize projects by using Jira as our Issue Tracker and Atlassian’s Confluence as a documenting & collaborating tool, with support from external tools like, and Figma or Balsamiq to ensure efficient communication throughout the project phases.


Our focus is to increase our customer’s turnover with experiences that are relevant, tailored, and contextual to their clients. This focus, along with an improved development speed and extra value delivered, is a recipe for success.

Over 30 well-known brands have already relied on our team to provide top-notch solutions for their customers.

If you have any questions or want to explain your project, please contact us to discuss your case and get a free consultation and quote. Let’s build your future together.

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    Some brands our team has worked for:
    Checkers Shoprite Samsung
    Lecta Lenovo Shell
    CMPC John Deere British American Tobacco