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Detecting and Preventing Category Loops in SAP Commerce

Maintaining clean and reliable data is crucial for smooth operations in SAP Commerce Cloud. Unexpected consequences can arise when bad data sneaks into the system, causing unforeseen issues our code isn't prepared to handle. One common pitfall is encountering a StackOverflowError due to loops between parent and child instances of a given type. In this article, we'll explore the potential complications caused by category loops, explore detection mechanisms, and discuss strategies to prevent these looping predicaments. [...]

SAP Commerce Upgrade: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide

The digital commerce landscape is rapidly changing, making it vital for businesses to stay updated with the latest trends. One critical way to ensure competitiveness in this realm is to stay updated with the newest version of SAP Commerce Cloud, granting you security patches, better performance, new functionalities, and smoother support. SAP recently announced the extension of its support to older SAP Commerce versions until 31st May 2024. This is for the latest version before the Continuous Innovation strategy, [...]

SAP Spartacus: A beginners Guide

SAP Spartacus (now SAP Composable Storefront) is a cutting-edge storefront platform that offers businesses a wide range of functional capabilities for delivering exceptional online shopping experiences. It is the frontend technology for the SAP Commerce Cloud default stores. From customizable product catalogs to real-time order tracking, this angular-based platform has everything you need to create an intuitive and engaging shopping environment. Whether you are already using SAP Commerce or planning to do so, this guide [...]

SAP Commerce Cloud Accelerators

Starting a new SAP Commerce Cloud project can be challenging, mainly if we were to do everything from scratch. The good news is that SAP brought us a set of tools called Accelerators that build up an omnichannel solution that is ready to use. This solution accelerates execution, improves sales, and accelerates growth across your channels. Accelerators combine platform features and modules, often fulfilling over 80% of customer requirements. These "pre-set-up stores" fast forward the time needed to go live. Accelerators [...]

Project Data does not import from the hAC in SAP Commerce 2205

The following article is based on version 2205.0 of SAP Commerce Cloud. Before applying this solution to your project, please validate whether a later patch version of SAP Commerce fixes the below-mentioned issue. The problem Typically, the Hybris Administration Console (hAC) allows you to import project data (which usually means loading relevant ImpEx files) by navigating to Platform -> Update, then selecting the checkboxes from the extensions you want to import, and finally clicking on [...]

What is SAP Commerce? Features & Benefits

You want to start selling products online or replace your current eCommerce solution with a more modern, flexible, and powerful one. Is SAP Commerce Cloud your best option? Will it cover all my B2C and B2B needs in the most effective manner? Today you will find out. Let's quickly overview the platform with its features and dive deeper into its advantages and disadvantages. With this, we will understand whether it will fit your needs or if you [...]